Glanmire Roads Improvement Scheme

Planning/Design Phase

Works Extent

This scheme involves a suite of projects to improve the accessibility, sustainability, capacity and safety of the transport network in the Glanmire, Riverstown and Sallybrook areas. Cork City Council intends on delivering the projects that have obtained Part 8 Planning Approval and secured funding, these include:-

  • Project 1 - Church Hill Junction
  • Project 3 - Glanmire Bridge/Village
  • Project 4 - Riverstown Junction
  • Project 5 - Signalised Junction Glanmire Road/Hazelwood Road
  • Project 6 - Signalised Junction Riverstown Road/East Cliff Road
  • Project 8 - New Link Road (L3010 to Hazelwood Road)
  • Project 9a - L2998 Upgrade of Dunkettle Road North (Glanmire bridge to Woodville)
  • Project 9b - L2998 Upgrade of Dunkettle Road South (Woodville to Dunkettle)
  • Project 14 - Footway Improvements Fernwood to Riverstown, and
  • Project 15 - Glanmire & Rivertstown Greenway


The key aims are to:

  • Improve the local road network as it is congested, substandard in places and has poor connectivity;
  • Provide a sustainable alternative route for commuters, school and leisure users;
  • Encourage a greater use of cycling for trips to work, school, recreation and leisure;
  • Improve quality of life for residents and businesses in the area;
  • Enhance connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Expand over cycle network;
  • Reduce traffic volume on the road network.


  • Tenders were received for Contract 1 comprising Project 1, Project 3 and Project 9a.  Construction works commenced in February 2022.  Substantial completion for the works was achieved in Q1 2023.  For further details on these projects, please see section "Under Construction
  • A Compulsory Purchase Order was published in Q4 2022 to secure the land for the delivery of Project 9B - L2998 Upgrades of Dunkettle Road South (Woodville to Dunkettle).  This scheme was confirmed by An Bord Pleanála in August 2023.  Detailed Design is currently underway.
  • Detail Design has commenced for the projects listed above. 

For further information please contact Grainne Morgan, Senior Executive Engineer at email

Glanmire Roads Improvement Scheme -R Sept