South Docks L.A.P. 2008

The regeneration of the South Docks Area will be a major element in the achievement of Cork’s Gateway status as set out in the National Spatial Strategy.  The South Docks Local Area Plan is based on the policies set out in the Cork City Development Plan 2004 and the recommendations of the Cork Docklands Economic Study 2007.  It proposes residential and employment targets of 20,000 and 25,000 respectively for the area.  The Plan’s targets will be achieved through the development of a high density urban quarter which will be based around a District Centre and two Neighbourhood Centres.

The South Docks Local Area Plan was adopted by Cork City Council on February 11th 2008. Consequent to this decision, certain follow adjustments were made to the text during the preparation for publication stage. These changes were made to improve clarity and also to reflect changing circumstances in relation to procurement of infrastructure. In order to avoid any doubt in relation to the materiality of such changes Cork City Council formally amended the South Docks Local Area Plan  on October 5th 2009.  A further amendment to the Plan was made on 16 April 2012.  This rezoned 6.82 acres of public open space to sports grounds at Pairc Ui Chaoimh.  The text of this amendment is available below. 

The Local Area Plan sets out proposals in relation to:

  • zoning movement and access
  • urban design and building height
  • open space
  • conservation of buildings and other heritage elements
  • community, medical and education (including third level) facilities
  • environmental sustainability.

Guidance on floor levels and flood protection proposals are also included.  Two rivers crossings are proposed at the Eastern Gateway Bridge and Water Street in the short-term with a third option at Mill Road in the longer term.  Positive interaction with the River Lee is also provided for in relation to recreation and transport usage. 

The delivery of the full potential of the South Docks is dependant on the relocation of the port activities from the city quays and of 'Seveso' activities.

The Infrastructure Strategy identifies the critical infrastructure required to support and facilitate the development:

  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • flood mitigation
  • utilities
  • roads, bridges and transport

 It also sets out the phasing and implementation plan required for the delivery of the development such that it is infrastructure-led.  The importance of public transport provision and other measures to promote environmental sustainability are also stressed in the Plan.

The Public Realm Strategy examines how the “space between buildings” will be managed.  This is the area where people interact with each other and it will be the major influence on the image of the South Docks and the quality of life for those living and working there.  Major features are the development of a sub-regional park (Marina Park), a public walkway along the waterfront and an extension to Kennedy Park.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment evaluates the likely significant effects of the Plan.

The South Docks Local Area Plan (as amended) is available to download in pdf format below:
South Docks LAP Executive Summary
South Docks LAP Content
South Docks LAP Section 1 Background
South Docks LAP Section 2 Realising the Vision
South Docks LAP Section 3 Opportunities Constraints & Capacity
South Docks LAP Section 4 Wide Area Strategies
SD LAP Section 5 Site Precint Strategies pg 66-88
SD LAP Section 5 Site Precint Strategies pg 89-116
SD LAP Section 6 Implementation Strategy
SD LAP Section 7 Environmental Assessment
South Docks LAP Appendices
South Docks LAP Public Realm Strategy
South Docks LAP Infrastructure Strategy
SD LAP Strategic Environment Assessment
Adopted Amendment SDLAP April 2012
Notice of Decision to Extend Duration of South Docks Local Area Plan, February 2
Council Resolution Extending SDLAP