Frequently Asked Questions

Cork City Council has started the preparation of a new Cork City Development Plan 2022-2028. This is a 2-year process, which evolves through various stages in line with Planning and Development legislation The existing Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021 will continue for the next two years.

We have prepared a consultation document ‘Our City - Our Future’ to stimulate debate on strategic issues to be considered in the new plan. These issues include climate change, social inclusion, transport, housing, economy, health, culture, heritage, education and biodiversity loss. Ultimately, what do we want our city to be? In terms of development, what should our priorities be?

The plan process is explained within the Process Overview document and is supported by the Socio-Economic Profile.  The Development Plan is primarily a land use document which deals with associated issues which impact our way of life, work, travel, experience and enjoyment of our City.

The initial public consultation closed on 21st August 2020. There will be two further public consultations in which everyone is welcome to make submissions on how you wish Cork City to grow. The next consultation is at the Draft City Development Plan stage and this is proposed for Summer 2021 and the final consultation will be for any Amendments to the Draft Plan during Spring 2022. This website and social media will provide updates throughout the process. 

The new City Development Plan will replace the current City Development Plan 2015-2021 and Cork County Development Plan 2014 and Municipal District Local Area Plans 2017 (solely for the former County Council areas now within the Cork City boundary including Ballincollig, Blarney, Glanmire and Tower).

What is a Development Plan?

A Development Plan is a public document used to guide development in your city. It is renewed every six years and sets out how land is used in your neighbourhood, for example; housing, employment, infrastructure, open / green space and retail.

It addresses changes in the economy, government guidelines and policies, environment, climate change and the ongoing loss of biodiversity and how your city will respond to these challenges.

 It also states the city’s objectives and policies which will guide proposed development and planning.

Proposed Cork City Development Plan 2022-2028

Why do we need a new City Development Plan 2022-2028?

There is a legal obligation on Cork City Council to produce a Development Plan every six years. The Development Plan will guide development within Cork City over the short–to–medium term. Plans have to be replaced to meet the changing needs of society which are influenced by various factors including population increase, economic conditions, environment, climate change, loss of biodiversity, new government guidelines and policies.

So what is happening now?

During the eight-week preliminary public consultation, people were invited to offer suggestions and ideas on how the city should develop and consider the strategic issues raised in the ‘Our City – Our Future’ document. 

Cork City Council's Chief Executive will submit a report summarising the submissions and making recommendations on policies to be included in the Draft City Development Plan 2022-2028 to City Council Members. 

Members will provide strategic direction on what they want the Draft Plan to contain in line with proper planning and sustainable development. A Draft City Development Plan is then prepared and made available for a 10-week public consultation. 

The Chief Executive then submits a second report summarising the Draft Plan consultation submissions to the full Council and her recommendations on the key issues arising. City Council Members decide on suggested amendments to the Draft Plan and a third public consultation on the City Development Plan Amendments takes place over four weeks (in which final submissions can be made but solely on the proposed amendments). 

Finally, the new City Development Plan is adopted, replacing the previous (current) Plan 2015-2021. The new City Development Plan comes into effect six weeks after it is made. 

 Existing Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021 

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What is in the existing Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021?

The existing Cork City Development Plan sets out an overall strategy for the sustainable development of the city between now and 2021 and beyond in relation to issues such as: Economic Development; Housing; Transportation; Retailing; Landscape and Biodiversity; Arts, Culture, Heritage and Tourism; Recreation; Social and Community Development, City Centre and Suburban Development.

What documents make up the existing Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021?

The Cork City Development Plan 2015 – 2021 consists of:

  • Volume 1: Written Statement
  • Volume 2: Mapped Objectives
  • Volume 3: Specific Built Heritage Objectives
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement and Appropriate Assessment Screening

All parts of the Development Plan are available online for inspection and download here. All volumes are available on CD at no charge. The CD also contains the Joint Housing Strategy and the Metropolitan Cork Joint Retail Strategy 2015 and the Metropolitan Cork Joint Retail Study 2013.

All parts of the Plan are available to purchase for €40 at the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate Public Counter, Ground Floor, City Hall, Cork City, T12 T997.