Supporting Documents

A number of documents to support the process of preparing the new City Development Plan 2022-2028 are available below. These will be added to throughout the process of plan preparation:   

Process Overview

Process Overview .pdf (size 2.1 MB)

This document is an easy to read explanation of the two year process of producing a City Development Plan and informs people of where and when people can get involved in making submissions.

Socio Economic Summary Profile

Cork City Socio Economic Summary Profile.pdf (size 30.9 MB)

The profile is a series of useful info-graphics which highlight key social and economic factors based around Cork City Neighbourhoods. These are based on the 2016 census data and cover many interesting topics such as education, housing, work and travel.

Submissions Leaflet

Submissions-Leaflet.pdf (size 868.7 KB)

The preference is for people to make submissions via the online portal  However, for those who wish to make a written submission, you are welcome to do so. The leaflet explains how to submit written comments/ suggestions and provides a section to fill out and post to address provided within leaflet.

Statutory Notice of Preliminary Consultation

Statutory Notice of Preliminary Consultation.pdf (size 431.4 KB)